Organize the best Virtual Run EVER!

Peps is the simplest and advanced ready-to-go virtual race app.

Organize the best Virtual Race EVER with Peps!

Peps is the most advanced and simplest ready-to-go Virtual Race app

Virtual Races with Peps

Peps is the most funniest tool for organising a Virtual Race – big or small.

With Peps, you can offer your official race course with hand-made audio turn-by-turn instructions – and whatever fun messages you want your runners to hear. As an option, runners can also run the race on their own route on their own time – while still experiencing the same audio content and sponsor presence.

Involve friends too!

What is race – virtual or real one – without cheering friends? With Peps, runner’s friends can send their own custom written or recorded cheers to the runner, prior or during the race, and the runner will hear them while running the race. This is something that no other Virtual Race app can offer.

Its all about atmosphere

Real races have marked route, fun and entertainment, sponsor visibility and friends cheering along the course. You can offer all this for your attendees. Create the real-race-like atmosphere with pre-recorded audio content, let the runner stay on the course with turn-by-turns and include sponsor messaging. Last but not least: let runner’s friends send their cheer to the runner and watch the struggle live on map!

Audio turn-by-turn navigation

Sponsors &
Local Ads

Friends’ cheers

Virtual race with the official course

With Race Peps, runners can run your official race course with audible route guidance. No need to physically mark the route or complex sport watch route plotting: runners simply download Peps, enter your race code, start the virtual race and listens to custom made turn-by-turn instructions.

All instructions are hand made (by you!)Β and spoken on the spot. Not those AI generated dull ones. Runner does no need to watch her/his phone even once during the run. All instructions are written (in any language) and easily editable anytime. Runners will always have the updated instructions automatically, no need to update the app or other hassle. All written instructions are also sent to any connected sport watch, so no need to even wear the earbuds.

Friends’ cheers

Runner’s friends can cheer the runner on during the race. Friends can send their written or recorded cheers to the runner, and runner hears them during the virtual race. Cheers can be left on the “course” prior the race or they can be sent while the race is on. Friends can also send their favourite Spotify tracks and see the runner’s live location on map. And the runner can send a quick emoji to friends or even record a little voice message for the friends to hear. So much fun!

Results service

Naturally the runner’s result is being saved, and you can grant prices. User has the consent to post or not the result on public leaderboard and choose the nickname to show up there. All this is super-easy for the runner, just download the app, enter race code and run at will!

Your runners need you!

Keep your customers happy and bound to your event, even if postponed.

Easy to use

Runners can start the race without even registering to the app!

Race Peps app works together with all other apps: music players, trackers, everything. Race Peps does not eat the battery either.

Runners will always have the newest instructions automatically, no need to update apps or other hassle.

Focus on content

Tell your runners something fun about the surroundings, hook up with temporarily unemployed stand up comedians to write and record some stuff for your runners.

Engage runners with collectable audio landmarks, like treasure hunt. Engage sponsor and local businesses on the course.

Possibilities are limitless and simple to set up and easy to use for everybody.

Friends’ cheers

This is what makes Peps unique and fun! Virtual Races are not the like the real ones, but with friends along for the whole course, it will be something that real race never has been! Friends can send their cheers during the whole run and even send their power songs to the runner. And even in real races it would be pandemicwise to encourage the supporters to cheer the runners from home sofas rather than packing along the course.

Tell us about your event!

Send us your information and we will tell everything you need to know. Setting up races is fast and easy. You can go with minimum setup or design an unforgottable experience for the runners. Up to you really, Peps just handles everything. πŸ™‚