Organize the best virtual race ever – with Peps!

Organize the best virtual race ever – with Peps!

It’s all about atmosphere

Real races have a marked route, fun and entertainment, sponsor presence, and people cheering along the route. With Peps you can offer all this to your attendees, and create the atmosphere of a real race event.

Turn-by-turn instructions

Mark your official route with hand made route guidance. This way the runner doesn’t need to plot their route or keep glancing at their phone – they just download Peps and start the route with your race code. Instructions update automatically and are even sent to any connected sports watch.

Audio content & sponsors

Tell your runners something interesting about the surroundings, engage sponsors and local businesses or hook up with a comedian to write some stuff for your runners. Possibilities are limitless – you can put whatever audio content you come up with on the route.

Get friends involved!

What’s a race without friends cheering you on? With Peps, the runner’s friends can send them audio messages either before the race or during it – and they can even follow the runner’s progress LIVE. This is something that no other virtual race app can offer – read more here.

Results service

Peps also records the runner’s result under their chosen nickname – if they want to, of course. This makes for a good social media campaign for your race, with prizes for the top runners and visibility for your race.

^ How it works ^

Your runners need you!

A virtual race with Peps is a way to retain your attendees even if the event itself is postponed. Best of all, it’s easy to set up for you – and to use for the runners.

Tell us about your event below and we’ll let you know everything you need. The setup can be very minimal and fast, or a comprehensive and unforgettable experience. It’s completely up to you.

Tell us about your event!