Offer audio-guided routes with Peps

Pep up your customer experience

Ever had customers ask for jogging or walking routes? With Peps, they can just download an easy-to-use app with a collection of hand made, audio-guided routes. This way, the customer doesn’t need to spend their stay planning routes, and instead gets to experience your location in an effortless and fun way.

Easy to use

The customer simply downloads the app and enters your route code to access the routes. No sign-up or subscription required, just plug in headphones – or connect a sports watch – and go!

More than directions

Since the routes are designed by you, you can add anything you want spoken to the customer along the route. Tell them about the views and attractions, best places to eat or your hotel’s services – it’s completely up to you.

Low set-up costs

Since the service is essentially just an app, setting things up is pretty easy. The main effort is designing the routes and letting the customer know about them, with flyers, screens, or in their reservation email.

Value for everyone

The customer gets a better service and experience, and is more likely to stay with you in the future. On top of this, you get to save time in the reception, and can even promote your services or partner businesses along the route.

How the set-up works:

1. Design the routes

Different distances for all runners, with plenty of sights to see on the way.

2. Write detailed instructions

Hand-written directions are more precise and interesting than computer-generated ones. Peps supports multiple languages, and you can update the directions at any time without any action required from the user.

3. Publish the routes

You can use a link on a web-page, which will open the route in the Peps app. Alternatively, the customer can simply enter a code into the app to load up the routes. Either way, no registration needed.

4. Maintain the routes

While not strictly necessary, a little care goes a long way: keep directions up-to-date, edit unpopular routes, or come up with rewards for completing runs.

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