COVID-19 won’t take down your race!

Organize virtual runs with audible content for your attendees

COVID-19 won’t take down your race!

Organize virtual runs with audible content for your attendees

Peps Virtual Runs

Peps is the most fun tool for organizing a Virtual Run.

COVID-19 may have postponed your event, but that shouldn’t stop you! With Peps, you can offer your official race course with hand-made audio instructions – and whatever fun messages you want your runners to hear. As an option, runners can also run the race on their own route on their own time – while still experiencing the same audio content and sponsor presence.


See our live demo site

Our Demo organizer has chosen to host their postponed event virtually, having the official course in audio guided version as well as added some shorter training runs in the same forest. The page is a normal webpage, you can create your own.

See Demo!

Reach with audio

Audio can be Text-To-Speech or pre-recorded audio files. TTS are easy to maintain and audio files can be produced professionally.

Audio turn-by-turn navigation

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Fun &

Virtual race with the official course

With Race Peps, runners can run your official race course with audioble route guidance. No need to physically mark the route or complex sport watch route plotting. Runners simply download Race Peps, enter your race code, start the virtual race and listens to custom made turn-by-turn instructions.

All instructions are hand made (by you!) and spoken on the spot. Not those AI generated dull ones. Runner does no need to watch her/his phone even once during the run. All instructions are written (in any language) and easily editable anytime. Runners will always have the updated instructions automatically, no need to update the app or other hassle.

Training runs with handpicked routes

To engage your customer to the postponed event, you can easily create a selection of virtual runs with variety of lengths and locations. Once again with hand-made turn-by-turns. Add some entertainment and pro tips along the course to offer more value for the runners.

You can also create a virtual race without any route, runners can just run wherever and audio content is played based on the ran distance. Create the racelike atmosphere and let people run the race virtually anywhere.

Total branding

We can also provide Race Peps with white label and re-skin it with your brand and publish it as your own app (on your behalf). Then you’ll have your very own Virtual Run app! This will really boost your race brand (even in normal non-viral circumstances) and it is not as expensive you would think, and it can be done without any additional service fees to us.

Your runners need you!

Keep your customers happy and bound to your event, even if postponed.

Easy to use

Runners can start the race without even registering to the app!

Race Peps app works together with all other apps: music players, trackers, everything. Race Peps does not eat the battery either.

Runners will always have the newest instructions automatically, no need to update apps or other hassle.

Focus on content

Tell your runners something fun about the surroundings, hook up with temporarily unemployed stand up comedians to write and record some stuff for your runners.

Engage runners with collectable audio landmarks, like treasure hunt. Engage sponsor and local businesses on the course.

Possibilities are limitless and simple to set up and easy to use for everybody.

We will help you

We will get things rolling for you – FOR FREE!

Provide us the course, we will mark it for you, go out for a test run and let you imagination fly on what else there could be for your runners.

Then we’ll show how to make routes by yourself, and thats it!

Try it out for free!

Send us your information and we will set up a test run for you! All free and without commitments – and done in a day!