Let your friends cheer you

at the Kaiser Permanente SF Half!

The Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon® is a runners’ favorite for its scenery and value. A fast and certified course through San Francisco’s scenic Golden Gate Park, the race has been selected as Road Race of the Year by the Road Runners Club of America several times.

Read more: https://www.getfitkpsf.com

What is Race Peps?

You are not running alone, but let Race Peps take your friends with you!

Race Peps is a free cheering app, where your friends can send you their cheerings, and you will hear these during the race! Friends can send written or recorded messages to you during the race, or leave them along the route in advance. Friends can also see your real live location on the course during the race! Race Peps also notifies you about forthcoming aid stations and has some fun and love already built in!

The KPSF Half Marathon has been added to our featured races list, so setting everything up is easy and fast. Download the app, create your event, share your unique event link to your friends, and keep preparing yourself for the race. Your friends don’t need the app: they will send their messages using the shared link.

And best of all…

Using Race Peps at the KPSF Half is completely FREE.
Download it now:

Heres how to set things up:

And heres how friends can do their thing:

Some tips and hints to make everything perfect:

  • Share this tutorial video with friends: https://vimeo.com/333705325

  • Friends do not need to download app or even register to anywhere! They just open your friends.racepeps.com link, which is a unique magic link to your event. In that link, your friends will send their messages and see your live location on the course.

  • Friends won’t ever see other friends messages – and neither can you before the race. After the race, just log in to runner.racepeps.com to read and listen all your messages.

  • You can place messages to yourself too! After creating the race, browse and log in to runner.racepeps.com, choose your race, click “Add own messages”. Then click a point on the course and write a note to self – in whatever language. Currently, this works best on a desktop browser.

  • On the Race Day, open the app, choose your race, and tap GO! Race Peps won’t drain your battery! Also you can listen to music etc. and use trackers just like normal.

  • We would love to hear your feedback! No matter if it is before or after or even during the race! We have just scratched the surface of making running races social again, and we have some lovely features planned for you! Send your message via the contact form or Facebook / IG page or however you choose to! Maybe another sentence with an exclamation mark! Yes.