Let your friends cheer you at
Oaktown Half!

Oaktown Half is a running event consisting of a Half Marathon, a 5k, and an event just for kids, the Stomper’s Stomp! The courses are brand new for 2019, designed to be fun, fast and social, taking you through some important landmarks and a lot of local small businesses of Oakland.

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What is Race Peps?

With Race Peps, your friends can cheer you on without leaving their home sofa.

They can send written or recorded messages to you during the race, or leave them along the route in advance. They can also see your location on the course during the race!

Oaktown Half & 5k routes have been added to our featured races, so setting everything up is easy and fast. Just create your event, share the link to your friends, and keep preparing for the race. Your friends dont need the app: they can send their messages using the shared link.

And best of all…

Using Race Peps at Oaktown Half is completely FREE.
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Heres how to set things up:

And heres how friends can do their thing: